2011 Specialty Flat-Coated Retriever Society of Canada

National Specialty
September 3 - 5, 2011
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Specialty - Conformation

Our Conformation judge is Miss Louise Jones from the UK.

Miss Jones and her mother have bred many Flat Coats under the Braemist Kennel name. This will be her first judging assignment in Canada and she is looking forward to it!

Biography - Miss Louise Jones, Braemist Kennels

Miss Louise Jones I have been brought up with dogs ever since I was a young child and I was first introduced to Flatcoats in 1977 when my mother (Val Jones) purchased her first Flatcoat -Shargleam Black Orchid from the late Pat Chapman. Although we have had other breeds including Border Collies, German Shepherds, a Golden Retriever and a Large Munsterlander, the flatcoats became firm favourites and seemed to have stayed around.

I was always encouraged to show & train the dogs and attended many shows and training as a child. In 1989 I acquired my first dog -SH CH Braemist Fire Falcon which I campaigned in the show ring and trained to a picking up level. I have owned 8 male dogs and currently have two, one of which is currently in the show ring, Braemist Ocean Kestrel JW. I am not a particularly good handler but can often be seen running someone's dogs or taking them in on their behalf.

I have always been involved in the breeding of flatcoats with my mother to include whelping, rearing of puppies and stud work. We are a small kennel that breeds rarely and like to produce puppies that have the qualities we are looking for 'Type, temperament, soundness and good health.' We find it much easier if I have all the dogs and my mother keeps the bitches, this arrangement seems to work really well,

I have been judging for over 18 years and have been to a number of overseas shows as both a judge and a scribe/steward for my mother. I am also treasurer of the Flatcoated Retriever Society I have a young child and I work full time so I am extremely busy.

The dogs and the breed have always been part of my life, I have met the most interesting people and been to many countries but most of all the dogs are always there and are first and foremost part of my family.

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Biography - Joan Simpson, Autograph Kennels

Joan Simpson My first Flat-Coat came home with me in the summer of 1980. I had wanted a pet and thought this long-haired black retriever would be perfect. At the time I knew nothing about the world of dog shows, obedience trials and all the rest.

"Morgan" was a great beginner's dog. A typical Flat-Coat who just loved to do whatever you wanted to do, she finished her Canadian championship, and also earned a CDX, WC and TD in Canada and a CD, TD, and WC in the United States. If only there had been agility way back then, I know she would have loved it. I could not have had a better introduction to the breed and to fellow Flat-Coat lovers.

Three years after that, I was fortunate to become the owner of Denver - BIS Can/Am Ch. Butterblac's Excalibur, CD, WC. He was top conformation dog in Canada for five years straight and, one year, was top stud dog in the breed in the United States - quite an achievement for the little dog from Canada. Even at the time, I realized he was my "once in a lifetime" dog and that I would never again have a dog that accomplished as much in the show ring.

It was 10 years before I bred my first litter. I didn't want to breed just for the sake of breeding, and hoped that each of the eight litters from my "Autograph" kennel, would make a contribution to the breed. I believe, as I hope all of those involved in Flat-Coats do, that we are the guardians of this wonderful breed and need to ensure they maintain their versatility, temperament and type - and that wonderful "Peter Pan" outlook they have on life.


Shirley Limoges (pending CKC approval)

Obedience & Rally

Biography - Dr. Joey Farrell, Labrys kennel

Joey Farrell I have been surrounded by dogs since birth, and in 1980 I acquired Jasper, the first dog of my very own. A shepherd/setter cross, Jasper was eager to learn and we quickly worked our way up through the various levels at obedience classes, including Utility exercises. As my interest in dog training increased, I started to search for a purebred dog that would be compatible with my lifestyle. I met "Fuller" and her intelligence, energy, attitude and overall demeanour reminded me so much of Jasper that I decided a Flat-coated Retriever was the breed for me. My first Flat-coat, Fuller's daughter Meaghan, came from Doug Windsor in 1990. Throughout our relationship, Meaghan graciously and patiently served as "test dog" as we both mastered a myriad of new and exciting Flat-coat related activities. Meaghan's accomplishments epitomize the versatile nature of the Flat-coat, and her talents were recognized in 2000 when she became the first Flat-coated Retriever to receive the FCRSCs Versatility Excellent Award. As well as attaining her OTCh title in 1996, Meaghan also achieved both Canadian and American obedience, field, agility and conformation titles, and at the age of 11 earned her Tracking Dog titles, all firsts for both of us. Currently we have 5 FCRs from 2 to 6 years of age. During the winter we concentrate on obedience training, and once the weather improves, we all spend as much time as possible outdoors in the field.

In addition to training my own dogs, I instruct obedience for two local training schools, agility and run a field training group. My decision to become an obedience judge came after judging obedience at numerous fun/sanction matches, coupled with encouragement from fellow Flat-coat owner Viviane Champagne who was also working toward her obedience license. I am also a CKC Hunt Test and Working Certificate Test judge. In order to put food in the dog dishes, I work as a professor in the School of Kinesiology, specializing in psychology, at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.

I love the creative nature of the Flat-coat, and look forward to the privilege of judging our exceptional breed at the Obedience Trials and at the Working Certificate Test during the 2011 National Specialty in Halifax for the Flat-coated Retriever Society of Canada.

Field - WC/I/X

WC - Kathy Burns and Dr. Joey Farrell
WCI & WCX - George Burns and Don Gillingham